Getting started with a coach

Starting up the coaching process

Many athletes who are seeking a new coach must wonder how it works during the initial stages of communication in the start-up of a new athlete-coach relationship

How much does the new coach need to know about me to be able to start planning my training into my busy schedule? and at the same time keep all balanced with my life and help me achieve best athletic results...

This process will normally take a fair amount of time for both parts but is quite important to get things right and will pay off with a great start. I generally break this down in 5 steps:

Step 1- Have a talk

The first step when an athlete contacts us regarding coaching is to have an initial talk with the athlete (if we don´t know him/her already), have a chat about training, races, goals, the athlete’s commitment, actual setup and limitations, explain how I work, answer some questions and most important get a feeling if there are good vibes that can lead to a solid coach-athlete relationship

2-Collect specific information
We send via email an Athlete Profile spreadsheet to be filled with most relevant information that will give us a good overview of the athlete´s capabilities and limitations:

General info and data, Lifestyle, Exercise & nutrition habits, Medical history, Sport history, Current fitness and PB´s, Time available and training possibilities, Equipment, Goals, etc…

3-Have a second talk

After reviewing information and given some thought. We will explain how we think is best way to work together; which approach is needed to achieve results and check if the athlete is ready and up for the mutual commitment and a solid coach-athlete relationship.
We take a lot of passion in our coaching work and of course we are ready to adjust and do our best to make things work, but if we feel we might not be a good match, we will explain it to the athlete and give our best recommendation of which direction the athlete shall take.

4-Some formalities

Once agreed to start working together, at Multiperformancewe require athletes to fill and sign a letter of commitment which includes:
Antidoping declaration, promise to avoid drafting and cheating and most important be respectful to other athletes and the sport

Later the athlete will need to create a Training Peaksaccount to use for everyday training and tracking, and then attached profile to a coach (me!). The athlete will need to learn and get used to this software as data analysis (and communication-feedback) is a big part of our daily work.

5- Receive the first plan and start training!

We will make the first training plan based on all given information and fitting into the athletes every day live. Normally the first 1-2 weeks might include some testing to start gathering and setting specific zones and training parameters.
From here starts a new journey and learning process which will give you tools to develop and become a better athlete while preparing to achieve your goals.

Of course if you have any suggestions to do things differently we are always open to adapt and find best solution. Just contact us any time if you have any questions are want to learn more!

Best regards from Multiperformance Coaching Team. Martin and Nicholas

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