In Multiperformance Coaching it is possible to have a number of tests done, all with the purpose of creating transmissibility to your daily training. Weather it is to clarify your threshold values for training and competition, measure progress or to see your physiological starting point, a test will give a fairly exact picture of you - a profile which tells us what we need to know about you. 

When you do a run or cycling tests, you will complete a submaximal test followed by a maximal test. If you do a triathlon-specifik test, you will start by completing a submaximal test on the bike, followed by a submaximal test on the run leading into a maximal test.  

Durring the test you will be carefully guided and motivated - the test gives you an insight to your physiological profil which gives you a number of tools in your continuos training like:

​Your endurance
  • Your maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max)– How big is your engine.
  • Your movement efficiency
  • Threshold values for racing and training
  • Fitness level (number)

Procedure: The test done at submaximal intensity consists of a short warm up followed by a staircase test. After this test there is a short break and then the maximal test will begin. The maximal test will also be completet as a staircase test.  

Equipment: The test will be completet on our treadmill and our stationary bike (ergometer). Durring the test we will measure oxygen uptake, lactate, watt, puls and speed. .

Price run and cycle test:

1.700kr. duration 120minutter.

Price triathlon test:

2.200kr. duration 150minutter.

Please bring along: Changing cloths, cycling shoes, running shoes, training cloths and liquid. We do have bath and changing room facilities.


Cikorievej 77, 5220, Odense SØ - parking is possible.

If you are interested in any other specifik test for your sport, you are always welcome to contact us, and we will put together the best possible test procedure for your sport. 

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