Business course & business training  

An investment in your employees is an investment in your business.

A lot of companies have realized that a common training goal markedly strengthen the community amongst the employees. This leads to a better work environment and of course happier and healthier employees.

We offer a customized business course designed to the requests of your company, with focus on creating relations. It could be anything from business training, like fx weekly running or cycling events, or big common training goals like DHL Stafetten or Copenhagen Marathon.

In reality everything is possible and we are ready to offer you our expertise. ​​

In Multiperformance Coaching your Business has the following options:

  • Common training activities for the employees.
  • Training course for a big event like DHL stafetten, Copenhagen maraton, LaMarmotte etc.
  • Personal training "on location" for employees
  • Business relevant lectures and arrangements about fx high performance and healthy lifestyle.

If you wish to create a succesful course, please let us help you make the frame which secures that everyone stays motivated and support the great initiative offered to the employees by the company.

Contact Multiperformance for a noncommittal offer by email or call us 28 60 66 77​.​

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