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​Nicholas Ward Munoz:

​Working together with Multiperformance and coach Martin has been a very pleasant experience. After some initial talks, it became easy to put trust in someone who I felt has a deep knowledge and also plenty of experience with athletes of all levels. When we started our athlete-coach relationship, I became positively surprised about Martin´s high passion for the sport and the level of commitment he shows towards all Multiperformance athletes, both in training and at the races.

​Martin Kjølby:

I have been a Multiperformance athlete for a little more than a year, which means a full season under their wings. What a journey it has been and what a development I have undergone as a triathlete! It has been a season packed with successes and all my personal goals have been achieved. For the first time in my 4,5 years in the sport, I have experienced an injury-free season, which has been crucial to my development! My advice to others who want to maximize their potential and achieve their goals is to find an educated and competent coach, who can have an overview and thereby plan your training so it fits to your level. This I have found at Multiperformance Coaching! I look forward to even more succesful seasons.

Line Brandt Pedersen:

Last year I called and said, that I would do anything to be ready for my first Ironman, which I had signed up for without any skills in crawl technique and without any kind of experience with triathlon or even riding a racer-bike... Martin Bissenbacker Hansen believed in my goal and put together not only a training program, which made me a far better triathlete than I ever dreamt of within one year, but he also introduced me to the fundamentals of the sport, like rules, nutrition, racestrategi, equipment and not least punctures and Tri-fashion, which he by the way still don´t think I have learned hence the compression sleeves I carry around ;-)

Not only did I achieve a fantastic Ironman debut one year after asking for help, but the journey there has been filed with great experiences in training and racing, and not least an outstanding training camp at Lanzarote. I will give my biggest recommendations.

Martin Larsen:

After being a triathlete for 1,5 year with fairly many hours of training, quite a few aches and pains and a performance curve that had stagnated, I contacted Martin Bissenbacher - Multiperformance Coaching, with the purpose to find "the missing link" in my daily training. We sad down and had a talk, made a plan based on my goals but within the frame my personal life and ambitions allow. At this point, I don´t train more than I used to, but the quality in each training session is customized for me and the goals we have made for the season fx in relation to races, key sessions etc., which has resulted in a level of fitness I didn´t thought possible within the 7 months I have been coached by Multiperformance.

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