Martin Bissenbacker – Coach


Martin has a past as Sergeant in the army and was deployed as group leader in the Helmand province (Afghanistan) back in 2012, where he gained experienced with management and leadership early on.

Martin has been coaching endurance athletes since 2010 and comes from a background as an elite motocross driver. Martins core competence is his ability to meet every athlete at their current level, and understand the specific challenges the athlete faces. As a coach Martin is very determined and has an eye for the multiple challenges of everyday life that surrounds the athlete. Knowledge is key, and Martin holds a bachelor´s degree in Sports and Helth from SD. University (Odense), and is currently building on that theoretic foundation with a master in Competition & Elite sports. As a coach Martin pays a lot of attention to new athletes, who might be dragging along an injury or imbalance from the past.      

This special focus on injury or imbalances, is due to the fact that Martin himself suffers from arthrosis in both hips. 

-  This has sharpened Matins perspective and understanding for some of the problems other athletes might be facing. As an athlete Martin has been racing long distance triathlon for a number of years and thereby gained a lot of practical experience for the tool box. Martin know from first hand experience what it takes to perform amongst the best amatuers in the sport on the 70.3- and full Ironman distance. There is no doubt that Martin is extremely dedicated to coach his athletes, but he will continue to be an active part of the sport due to his admiration and generel love for endurance and triathlon.   

Relevant cv:

  • Bachelor´s degree in sports & helth
  • Headcoach in Odense Triatlon Klub
  • Sergeant in the army
  • Medical assistent in the army


  • Running coach
  • Personal trainer
  • Fitness instructor
  • Sports Masseur
  • Spinning instructor

Nicholas Ward Munoz  – Coach


Nicholas has a background of many years in triathlon sport, he started developing his racing level with limited resources to become a top Age Group athlete, then since 2008 he has been competing as an Elite athlete. He has good insights on what it takes, and how it feels to perform at all levels, from beginner level to high performance racing. Adapting the coaching and planning methods, to fit everyday situations and limitations, and also how to take advantage of opportunities to maximize training and performance with a holistic approach, towards each athlete´s life and ambitions, is what makes Nicholas a suitable coach for committed athletes of all levels

Racing Experience
Nicholas has competed several years as an Elite triathlete in long distance triathlon races at the Ironman and Challenge circuit, with Top 5´s, podium places and even a go at Ironman Hawaii. He has represented Great Britain at Elite ITU World and European Championship Long and middle-distance triathlon, and since 2018 he has been racing for Denmark. 

He has experience with career highlights, but also resilience dealing with low situations and setbacks.
During 2015-2018 Nicholas studied to achieve a bachelor’s in marketing and Sales. He decided to become self-coached, and have the chance to develop his curiosity, read many sport science articles, and test the science on himself with different training approaches: Training loads and recovery, strength training, swim technique, nutrition, etc.

At the moment he still races as Elite-Pro in the triathlon circuit, with a limited setup and time and has found ways to remain competitive almost as similar level when he was a full time Pro

Coaching Experience
In 2013 Nicholas took up an international coaching certification and has been coaching athletes of all levels and goals, from Ironman and Half Ironman finishers to Ironman Hawaii and IM 70.3 World Championship qualifiers.
Solid two-way communication, dedication of the athlete, and the ability to bring up a serious talk when needed whilst taking a holistic approach to the individual capabilities and life setup is the way he has managed to be most successful in helping athletes

Relevant cv:

  • 2013 - International Coaching Certification. NESTA
  • 2007 - ITU Base 1. Spanish Triathlon Federation
  • 2005 - Indoor Bike Instructor.
  • 2005 - Fitness Instructor.
  • 2002 - Swim Instructor. Spanish Swimming Federation

Miki Taagholt – Coach


Mikis coaching centers around the athlete where the focus is to try and implement goals, personal life and motivation to create the best possible frame and condition for the athlete. As a coach Miki is energetic and professional and in his job as a professional triathlete, Miki is passionate and very determined.  

Coming from a background as an elite swimmer, it was not until 2013 Miki was introduced to triathlon, but he excelled extremely fast in this new sport due to phenomenal work ethics. Miki is 2 times National Champion in sprint triathlon and made a fantastic debut to long distance racing with a 3rd place in ETU middle distance European Championship 2017. In 2018 Miki once again toed the line in the European Championship and came away with silver, just 40 sek. shy of a gold medal.    

Miki lives in Odense where he currently study at SD. University - a master in Competition & Elite Sports, which emphasize the theoretic backbone of his knowledge about endurance sport. Miki is part of the national team and train with the talent squad TriTeamSDU on a daily basis. Mikis Focus in 2019 will be trying to become European Champion on the middle distance and his debut on the ITU Long Distance World Championships.  

Relevant Cv:

  • Bachelor´s degree in sports & health summer 2018.
  • Swim coach in Farum swimming club
  • Swim coach in Odense triatlonklub for beginners and experienced athletes.

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