About Multiperformance

Multiperformance coaching is build on the core-values of ambition, passion, loyalty integrity, knowledge and commitment.

Ambition: We are a professional coaching buisness, specialized in Endurance coaching and training guidance within triathlon, running, road cycling, mountainbike and swimming. We strive to offer you a custom-fit worldclass product for endurance athletes at all levels, from beginners to top elite.

Passion & Loyalty:

"Work hard in silence and let success make the noise"

Multipeformance is synonymous with passion for the sport, which means that we put our heart and soul into the process, and we have a distinct attitude to the values of the sport and actively try to promote them. We always plead for good sportsmanship and fair racing and we expect that our athletes are loyal to these principles.​

Integrity: Multiperformance delivers a thoroughly quality product. We don´t believe in "one seize fits all" training pograms is the key to succes. Therefore or service is always based on the individual athlete, because we know that balance in your personal life is essential for performing in training and competition.

Knowledge & Commitment: Our coaching team is nothing but experienced and sports-educated endurance specialists. When you engage in a coaching relationship with Multiperformance, we follow you close during the entire process towards our common goal, and we are never more than a phone call away.

Multiperformance is personal training  for everyone who has a passion for endurance sport, no matter the level of fitness or experience you might have. 

We embrace beginners who wants professional sparring, overview and not to mention a common thread in their training, but we also embrace the elite athlete; weather the goal is to qualify for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii or even compete as a professionel, we can fit your ambitions. Our expertise and professionalism, combined with your commitment will make it possible to fulfill your physical potential and the goals we put up together.

Furthermore Multiperformance has been working with military people, seeking into the special forces and therefore needs a training program to pass the admission test.​

​At Multiperformance coaching we meet you at your current level. We help you along with your training, but in order to fulfill you dream goals, we do expect you to make an effort which is in accordance with your goals. ​​

We guide you towards your goals, by choosing to be coached by Multiperformance, you will have a coach who:

  • Follow you closely on the sideline with frequent observations and feedback.
  • Listen to your needs and desires - weather it´s about maximizing your potential or fitting a training program into a busy schedule with limited hours available.
  • Deliver a training plan specially created to fit around your personal life.  
  • At Multiperformance coaching we also offer the possibility of Physiological tests of high quality. For more info see  ’Tests’.

Our product and vision can only be secured by maintaining the quality of our work on a high level. 

The coaches in Multiperformance are all professionally competent people, who exchange theory to practice on a daily basis.

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